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This weekend I saw the weirdest thing. I saw a video of the most disgusting thing. It’s name was Tree Man. It was some Indonesian guy that was half tree half man!It said that this “Men” had a cut traveling his country in the jungle when he got a cut and a rare tree fungus went into his cut and mixed with his cells. Here is his picture’s(Warning samll children and weak stomachs should leave the room).



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A few weeks ago I got my first pet! It was two Budgies/parakeets.One of them is green with green and yellow zebra strips, and the other is blue with blue and white zebra strips on its back.Lots of other parakeets look like mine so ill show you some that look like my two(just imagine them a little smaller.By the way my green one’s name is Sunny, and the blue one Sky.parakeets

Hello world!

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